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BIG4 Perth Midland Tourist Park is conveniently located to explore spectacular wildflowers, landscapes and wildlife in National Parks in the Perth Hills area. In this section we provide some general information on places to visit from our own experience:

1. John Forrest National Park

This Park is set at the edge of the Darling Scarp and is less than 10 kilometers from BIG4 Perth Midland Tourist Park.

The Park is accessed from Great Eastern Highway. There are three entrances from the highway to the Park, however, we suggest to enter at the western end of Park Road (No. 201, follow the sign) as there are stunning views of the Swan Coastal Plain and Perth City open from the lookout point on this scenic drive. The road will lead you to the Park entrance, picnic and BBQ areas and access to the trails.

Please pay attention that entry fees apply; also the gate at the western end of Park Road scenic drive is locked at 4 pm daily. The other two entrances remain open.

The flora of John Forrest National Park is diverse. The upland area is dominated by incredible jarrah and marri forest while along Jane Brook one can find flooded gum, swamp peppermint and swamp paperbark. The woodlands and forests have rich understorey of many species, including pimeleas, melaleucas, calothamnus, hakeas, acacias, grevilleas, hibbertias. A common feature of the park is its granite outcrops.


There are several trails through various parts of the Park, including:

Eagle View Walk Trail
More information on this trail can be found on Trails WA web-site here

and parts of the Railway Heritage Trail
More information about this trail is available on Trails WA web-site here


2. Kalamunda National Park

Kalamunda National Park is located in the Darling Scarp, about 15-16 km from Midland Tourist Park. There are a few trails in the Park but the most famous is the Bibbulmun Track, one of the longest walk trails in the world. Almost 1,000 km trail, it stretches from Kalamunda in the Perth Hills to Albany in WA’s south coast.

The Bibbulmun Track’s northern terminus is located near a roundabout at Railway Rd and Mead St, Kalamunda, opposite Coles Supermarket. The start of the Track goes along residential Spring Rd, however, the trail markers indicate the way clearly. The Track passes through a mix of marri, jarrah and wandoo forests and provides a beautiful view of the Darling Scarp. The forests provide an incredible diversity of species. As the trail does not loop, we usually return the same way. The track itself continues towards Mundaring Weir and Lake O’Connor (see our section “Mundaring”).


In August 2019 we walked a 5-km Rocky Pool loop walk. This is a beautiful walk in Kalamunda National Park through marri forest with many wildflowers, granite outcrops and creeks. In the beginning, the trail follows a wide track through the forest and after a gradual ascent it opens to a beautiful vista of rolling hills. In August the forest is dominated by flowering Acacias, Hoveas, Hakeas and Trymalium… a truly spectacular view. The descent from the top of the hill is challenging but it can be done with due care. The Rocky Pool is a spectacular pool with large granite boulders; it was a popular swimming spot in 1930s as there is water here for most of the summer. The walk then joins the Bibbulmun Track with its narrow paths and rocky steps. An interesting feature along this part of the walk includes a tree holding a giant granite rock.

This walk requires a good level of fitness and there are no picnic or toilet facilities. We recommend to download the map and directions for the trail. The information is available on the Shire of Kalamunda website here.


3. Walyunga National Park

Walyunga National Park is located 18-19 kilometers from Midland Tourist Park and is easily accessed via Great Northern Highway. As the drive passes through the Swan Valley region, there many cafes, wineries and restaurants along the highway so it would be nice to call in for a morning coffee or tea on the way to Walyunga National Park. The right turn to the park off the highway is well sign posted. Please note that entry fees apply.

Walyunga National Park lies in the picturesque Darling Range. In this area the Avon River joins the Brockman River to form the Swan River, which is the main attraction in this park.

There is a nice picnic area by Walyunga pool providing a refreshing retreat in warm months and an enjoyable experience watching the waterbirds.


There are a few trails in the Park to explore the natural and cultural significance of the area:

Syd’s Rapids & Aboriginal Heritage Trail
Information on this family-friendly trail is available on Trails WA website here

Kingfisher Trail
Learn more about this trail on Trails WA website here

Kangaroo Trail
More about this trail amongst wandoo and marri tress can be found on Trails WA website here

Echidna Trail
Details about this 11 kilometre loop trail can be found on Trails WA website here

Parts of the trails along the Swan River have been invaded by non-native understorey species, however, there are some good stands of Stylidium sp, Hibbertia sp, Kangaroo Paw. Once the trails deviate from the river into the hills, the vegetation communities change providing a rich diversity of native species.


4. Korung National Park

We walked a few trails in Korung National Park. The closest to BIG4 Perth and most popular trail is Lions Lookout.

Lions Lookout trail in Korung National Park is located just off Welshpool Rd East about 20-25 mins drive from the BIG4 Perth Midland Tourist Park. This is a moderately difficult trail with some climbs and descents but it provides fabulous views of the Swan Coastal Plain and Perth CBD. In spring time there is an abundance of wildflowers on display. The trail offers a diverse range of vegetation communities in Wandoo and Jarrah forests. There is a picnic area near the car park with an amazing view of Perth area.

We recommend downloading the trail’s map as trail markers are missing at some locations. More information about this trail is available on Trails WA web-site here


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