Waterfalls and Rapids

Winter rains and occasional summer heavy rainfalls replenish the rivers and tributaries, creating an opportunity to spend some time admiring the waterfalls and rapids in picturesque locations.
There are a few locations within the driving distance to watch the beauty of flowing water and the vegetation communities and wildlife it supports.
1. Bells Rapids
Bells Rapids Park is 15 km from BIG4 Perth Midland; parking is available on Cathedral Avenue. Bells Rapids is one of the best viewing positions for the annual Avon Descent event. There are two circuit trails – the 2.5km River walk and the 3 km Goat walk. You can enjoy scenic views of Bells Rapids, the countryside and coastal plains and may meet grey kangaroos at certain times of the year.

The trail map from the City of Swan is provided here


2. Lesmurdie Falls
Lesmurdie Falls is one of Perth’s most popular waterfall in the Perth Hills, about 20 km from the Park. During winter and spring, the waterfall is strongest and cascades over the escarpment.

The Lesmurdie Falls Walk starts by heading to a lookout that offers excellent views of both the waterfall and the Swan Coastal Plain. The trail then takes you down the hillside to the base of the falls.

Our personal preference is to explore Lesmurdie Falls from the base of the falls. There is a car park and picnic tables at the end of Palm Terrace and the trail takes you along the shady parts of Lesmurdie Brook to the bottom of the falls. For those who would like to take a loop walk, take a trail towards the Falls’s shoulder. The trail is steep but the views on the top of the trail are rewarding.

Information about the trails can be found on Trails WA website here


3. Hovea Falls
Hovea Falls are in John Forrest National Park and can be accessed from the car park. Follow the signs to the picnic area and walk east along the Railway Heritage Trail for about one kilometre. It is a low waterfall that runs over a large granite outcrop.

We prefer to take a Wildflower Trail, which is well sign-posted and offers a moderate-level walk. The trail goes through the native woodland offering stunning views, beautiful bird songs and wildflowers in winter and spring time. There is a deviation from the trail towards Hovea Falls that can be viewed from the base of the falls after the rain.

More information about this trail is available on Trails WA web-site here

4. Syd’s Rapids
Syd’s Rapids are in Walyunga National Park about 18-19 kilometers drive via Great Northern Highway.

Walyunga National Park lies in the picturesque Darling Range. In this area the Avon River joins the Brockman River to form the Swan River, which is the main attraction in this park.

There is a dedicated Syd’s Rapids & Aboriginal Heritage Trail. Information on this family-friendly trail is available on Trails WA website here

5. Noble Falls
Information coming soon.

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